Wednesday, 11 April 2007

Humbled again

Humbled again
it's time for a change of attitude;
an investment of time,
an increase in passion
and a desire to compete.

No longer for mere fun and kicks
it's time to find a serious school,
fork out the cash,
make the commitment
and raise my game.


Haji said...

Who now...?
Has the TWP lost his prowess in the ring?
Has heard his bell go ding ding ding?

Will get the details of the MMA clubs by tonight, there are a few new ones I've been told about, where a few brothers train too. If you don't get anything tonight, send me a text tomorrow as a reminder IA. Cool. Ws

twp said...

Here's the thing,
without proper formal training,
I have learnt to fight through fighting.
Sometimes giving a beating,
at other times receiving.
So no, the bell has not gone ding ding,
but rather, seeking superiors in the ring
I hope to continue improving.