Thursday, 5 April 2007

Outclassed on the mat

Outclassed on the mat.
No doubt about it and no wonder why.

“Tomorrow”, “tomorrow”, “tomorrow”.
Lack of training. Mere delay.

Then lo, as sudden as a knee bar,
it came, but only to take me prey.

A befitting end,
I must say.

“If only”s sprawled aside and “but why”s choked away,
I learn from yesterday and rise smarter today.


Welshwarrior said...

The success of a student only represents the quality of his teachers and time he has put in.

Yet an early success was rapidly humbled by the superior cardio of the TWP, a pace and zest for life, which few can challenge.

Till next time warrior..

twp said...

Kind words out of the ring,
letting it to the limbs to talk.
Like your compatriot Calzaghe,
living for the fight.

With my reopened fighter's notebook,
and refound fighter's zeal,
I prepare for the next time.