Tuesday, 28 August 2007

A General in Decline

"... After the general's trip to Abu Dhabi, a Musharraf-Bhutto deal looked almost assured. The two are believed to have agreed on several constitutional changes. According to this playbook, General Musharraf would be re-elected by the current parliament in uniform, and would then have to shed it around the end of the year.

Yet as the general's fortunes wane, Ms Bhutto's price may be rising. She now says she cannot support a military ruler. If so, General Musharraf will have to disrobe and hope to fare better than Samson did when he was shaved. Or else, aged 64, he might even think about retirement."

Source: The Economist, August 18th-24th 2007

The general, like an old battered boxer, just don't know when to quit. But, whereas the bruised boxer only hurts himself, this guy, "the general", is going to bring a whole nation down with him.

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