Friday, 20 June 2008

Two categories of fighter

There is one
who wants to prove to others
he is a fighter.

Thinking himself great,
liking himself this way
he talks much,
overlooking his weaknesses
he turns to hot-headed aggression.

And then there is another,
who want to prove to himself
he is a fighter.

Knowing himself weak,
hating himself this way
he listens much,
overcoming his weaknesses
he turns to cool-headed skill.

I would like to consider myself the latter
but it is so easy to slip to rage
and so difficult to ignore the observing eyes.


Anonymous said...

Did you write this yourself?

adil said...

Yes. Didn't write anything for a long time before this and haven't written anything since. Really lacking inspiration and growing increasingly gloomy. Even questioning, why do I turn to the martial arts? Is it a genuine love or just a means of escape?

Thanks for the comment. Always nice to have company. Any thoughts?

Anonymous said...

I think people were designed to fight, whether internally or externally. In some people the urge is stronger than others.

adil said...

A couple of thoughts:

(1) The word "internal" is key here and is exactly the concept I am trying to capture. Men "fight" for many reasons but drivers like rage carry one only so far up a mountain.

(2) The "urge" to fight (in the fullest sense of the word) is indeed, in my opinion, a gift from God, for which one must be fully grateful.

And Allah knows best and I do not know.