Sunday, 11 January 2009

Protest for Palestine II

I attended yesterday's demonstration calling for an end to the ongoing barbaric holocaust of Gaza. The rally this time round was from Hyde Park Speakers Corner to the Israeli embassy. Subhaana-Allah, even more people turned up than the previous Saturday. Don't believe what you hear in the news!

A letter of condemnation I wrote to the BBC today:
I am absolutely disgusted with the BBC's coverage of the London Gaza demonstrations. I am glad I attended the previous two Saturdays so that I didn't have to rely on the clearly fictitous (to put it politely) numbers ("ten thousand") reported by the likes of BBC, Sky News and other UK media outlets. I would put the numbers at fifty thousand on Saturday 3 January 2008 and one hundred thousand on Saturday 10 January 2008 easy. Police officers at the event, who I asked for a second opinion, seemed to agree. Sky News I can understand reporting with a slanted agenda. But BBC? What am I paying my TV licence fee for? To be told fibs? And why did the BBC not show clear long-range or aerial footage/photos of the massive stretch of people who came out despite the extreme cold. Would that be revealing too much?

By the way, organisers put the number of people at the demonstration on Saturday 10 January as 100,000 not "75,000" as you report on your website (link below).

A letter of commendation I wrote to the Guardian today:
I would like to commend the Guardian for its coverage of yesterday's demonstrations (link below). Particularly, for not doing as other sites/channels (including the BBC shockingly) have done and misinforming readers/viewers about the number of attendees as being only ten thousand. Despite opening the article with a very vague "tens of thousands", your reporters were kind enough to tell us the figure as reported by the organisers, i.e. "100,000 people". Thanks.

Awaiting their responses.

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