Sunday, 19 July 2009

22, Taxi to the Dark Side

My doctor advised me to get some rest the other day so I spent the day watching 'The Disappearance of Sister Aafia Siddiqui', 'Taxi to the Dark Side' (twice) and 'Torturing Democracy' with renewed appreciation of these verses...

"So let them worship (Allah) the Lord of this House (the Ka'bah in Makkah),

(He) Who has fed them against hunger, and has made them safe from fear."

(Source: Mohsin Khan's translation of (the meaning of!) Verses 106:3-4 of the Noble Qur'an)

Proper scary, like a horror movie, the way torture and disregard for human dignity became (has become) acceptable/legal in recent years. The reality of democracy I suppose - what is detestable today, made policy tomorrow, if those of "power" need (want!) it so... and the people allow their emotions to be played with.

Btw, I am heading out for Umrah today insha-Allah. If I have offended you any time (will be surprised if I haven't), please forgive me. I will make Du'a for you :)>

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