Thursday, 15 October 2009

Royal Air Force (RAF) Regiment

"I've been a pro-footballer in Scotland...
... but I've never had a match more *nerve-wrecking*.

An Iraqi village known for *ambushes*.
And I'd arranged a *football match*
with them to help stabilize things!

11am, Saturday, Imam Amas.

We didn't know what would kick off...
Thankfully the only *shots*
were the ones I saved.

We won the match...
... and a few *new friends* too.

Now when me and the lads are on patrol
the locals still chuck stones at us.
But not as *hard*."

"The Royal Air Force values every individual's unique contribution, irrespective of race, ethnic origin, religion, gender, sexual orientation or social background. However, for reasons of combat effectiveness, the RAF Regiment is open to men only."

(Source: Royal Air Force Regiment recruitment advertisement)

Who would respond to this advert except a muppet who wants stones thrown at him?! (first quote above)

Ladies, you can't respond even if you wanted to. (second quote above)

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adil said...

"Men in general judge more from appearances than from reality." (Niccolo Macchiavelli)

To clarify my comments in the post above...

Only a muppet would respond to an advert asking him to roll a tank through a town where he is not welcome and where young children throw stones at him with hard anger... but not very very hard because he organised a local football match!

About women fighting. I remember reading in the Khalid bin al-Waleed biography (The Sword of Allah) about a lady trained in sword fighting who (disguised as a man) fought formidably. It is possible. Recommended in the general case? The RAF Regiment don't seem to think so. Possible? Yes.