Wednesday, 10 October 2007

Gaining in Ramadhan

Who would have thought it, not eating between sunrise (5am) and sunset (7pm) for a month and gaining 1kg in the process?! Perhaps the increase is a gain of the inner self (you know, faith, spirituality and stuff)? Now that would be cause for celebration come this Eid.


This Soul said...

How did you manage that? Fried foods? Lack of exercise? I've dropped a couple kgs!scrxr

twp said...

Eating a bit of fried food is cancelled by not eating for 14 hours straight. Not going to the gym is cancelled by 20 Rak'ats of Tarawih prayer. Most likely it's an increase in muscle, perhaps an increase in spirit?

Welshwarrior said...

The scientific opinion:
During long fasts the body switches to survival mode, metabolism drops and it conserves energy. It holds onto any excess fat, which makes weight loss rare.
Sleeping on a full stomach is the main cause of putting on weight.

Eid mubarak

twp said...

Trust the biologist to conjure up a scientific explanation.

Sleeping on a full stomach has always been a major no-no for me, but does it really cause weight-gain? Why?