Wednesday, 30 April 2008


"If you find yourself in an argument, stop. Ask the other person what you are arguing about. On many occasions what you, or they, think you are arguing about you are not...

... Back to the school room for many of us; and learn the art of sticking to the point, and remaining cool in our delivery. So that we end up arguing about the things we intend arguing about."

(Source: Big Issue founder A. John Bird in 'The Big Issue')

Quotes taken from an article about poverty and the welfare system. The article was ok but nothing exceptional that you need to seek out. I liked the opening and closing paragraphs and thought I would share them with you. That's it. Nothing more to it.


JOJO said...

or you can put them in a chokehold

adil said...

Welcome jojo to the Blogging world!

Putting your opponent in a chokehold is often the easiest option, but sometimes the easiest option is not the best option.

Some people (those who haven't been blessed with the East End grit we have been blessed with) would not understand that my putting them in a chokehold is a sign of affection. They may misinterpret it as a declaration of war. That would be bad. The solution then? Put them in another chokehold?