Thursday, 22 May 2008

11, Getting it done: how to lead when you're not in charge

Title: Getting it done: how to lead when you're not in charge
Author: Roger Fisher and Alan Sharp
Publisher: HarperBusiness (May 1999)
Language: English
Pages: 240

There is no doubting that working in a team we get more done than working alone. This book is packed with tips on how we can work/collaborate better with others. The advice is based on a method of "lateral leadership", which consists of three steps: "The first step is to organise and sharpen your personal skills at getting things done by yourself. The second step is to understand clearly your strategic goal of an organised way of getting things done with others. The third step is learning some tactics of participatory leadership." The first two steps I kind of skim-read. Techniques pertaining to the third step I found particularly thought-provoking and useful; techniques related to asking, offering and doing things that "stimulate others to become skillful at working together".

In summary: another good book from the Harvard Negotiation team; well-structured and plenty of examples to demonstrate the advice.


Anonymous said...

Bro, how do you lead someone when you are in charge if the person is bitter and refuses to fulfil their responsibilities?

Anonymous said...

:D You can ignore this. I have found the solution alhamdullillah. The problem is not with the other person, it is a probem within the leader.

adil said...

Yes, the problem is within the leader, no doubt. That is what leadership is all about! Searching within ourselves ways to bring out the best in all those around us.

I have just started reading this book: 'Inspirational Manager: How to build relationships that deliver results' by Judith Leary-Joyce. I highly recommend it.