Tuesday, 11 November 2008

Dark Chocolate

I have an insatiable craving for dark chocolate. My body absorbs the stuff. When it comes to milk chocolate, I eat a small piece, and feel guilty. With dark chocolate, in the other hand, I devour a 100g bar (daily) and feel no change. I am told it has nutritional benefits, or did I just make that up?


Anonymous said...

you're human! I thought you lived on skimmed milk and tea.

Wayfarer said...

What about custard creams?

Was that not your staple?

adil said...

Quantity-wise, I eat good alhamdulillah. If I didn't exercise and burn it off, I would definitely guiltily say "too much".

As for what I eat, the simpler the food, the shorter the ingredients list, the better. On a good day: 100% shredded wheat. On a bad day: custard creams.

A bit of everything and not too much of anything: that's my philosophy.

Anonymous said...

Active beneficial ingredient are antioxidants called flavinoids

Articles for dark chocolate:




biased: http://www.darkchocolateresearch.com/

Articles against dark chocolate:

http://www.barchester.com/Healthcare-News/Dark-chocolate-may-not-have-health-benefits/376/1846 (not really against but raise a ?)

adil said...

Thanks for those links. Very beneficial reading. Will now keep to chocolate with high (70% at least) cocoa content insha-Allah.

Discovered "Organic Rice Cakes" today. Awesome. Just two ingredients: Wholegrain brown rice and sea salt ("lightly sprinkled"). Also, "Organic Pineapple & Cashew Fruit, Nut & Cereal Bar". Subhaana-Allah, very nice. Praise be to Allah Whose countless Blessings can never be matched, however much we thank Him, Sub7aanahu wa ta3aalaa.