Sunday, 4 January 2009

(Muslim) Women

Women are hard to understand.
Muslim women even harder.
Word of
greater freedom, modesty, sense
Exemplified by
awfully excessive makeup
showcasingly tight clothes.
Calling out, "Look at me"
brighter than a rainbow.
Tying it all up in a headscarf
the question begs:
Contradiction of the woman, or
Confusion of man?


Anonymous said...

Contradiction of men.... say they want a pious woman. Say what they want about women and what they would like in her but in the end they go for some white girl they talk into reverting.
(alot of respect for the sis, but the bros... hmmm)

Anonymous said...

Contradiction of men.. talk of how islam gave women power yet when they want one they want to literally lock her up at home and deprive her of an professional development if it means venturing outside.