Friday, 5 June 2009

Muslim Schools (or, rather, damn Muslims!)

"... these children spend a lot of time in a Muslim cocoon. They are drilled intensively in their faith outside school; what goes on inside school reflects both state policy and local social reality."

"... For all the time spent on instruction, many young Muslims have never heard much about how to apply their faith to daily life."

(Source: The Economist, March 28th 2009)

From an article aptly named 'A long, long lesson'. Worth reading. Touches upon a number of topics.

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adil said...

Same issue, article about religious education in Germany entitled 'God and Berlin':

"... The debate is only partly about how God fits into the classroom; it is also about how Muslims fit into Berlin."

"What everyone shares is an obsession with Muslims, who account for over half the students in parts of the city..."