Friday, 10 July 2009

"Revolutionary conduct is a mirror of revolutionary faith"

A short quote and, for the more patient, a long quote...

"... We left Mexico in a leaky boat with 82 men on board. Of those 82, only 12 would survive to witness our victory."

"... Military science assumes that the bigger the army, the stronger it is. On the other hand, only vaguely do they recognise that during military combat, the final strength of an army is also its physical capacity multiplied by one unknown 'x'. This 'x' is none other than the spirit of the troops measured as their greater or lesser desire to fight and confront danger. Men with the desire to fight, who also understand why they are fighting, regardless of who they are fighting, whether under the command of military geniuses or those of normal intelligence, fighting with clubs or machine guns, ... these men will put themselves in the most advantageous positions while fighting and they will triumph."

(Source: First half-hour of the four-hour film 'Che')

I assume Mr Guevara said words to this effect, whilst acknowledging it may have been rendered for cinematic effect.

Disclaimer: This is *not* a call to arms!

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