Wednesday, 9 September 2009

The good old US of A

"My name popped up on their computer. I was taken to a room for questioning. I was questioned for two hours," said [Bollywood superstar] Shah Rukh [Khan].


I wonder what algorithm they run on their computers, lol. But seriously, it's not funny. I came across this story ("Bollywood superstar detained because of Muslim name") and another similar one ("Muslim woman harassed at Dayton airport") in this month's issue of Muslim News. Very good newspaper btw.

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adil said...

A couple more funny (worrying rather) quotes.

"... It's also forbidden to bring in to the US... goods made in Cuba or Iraq..."

(Source: Lonely Planet USA, section on Customs)

"If on your visa application form you admit to being a subversive, smuggler, prostitute, junkie, terrorist or ex-Nazi, you may be excluded."

(Source: Lonely Planet USA, section Visas, Grounds for exclusion & deportation)