Tuesday, 6 October 2009

Fight. the Enemy

"I always felt like I'd fight anybody because everybody was the enemy... Now... I really took the time to find out, you know, who the enemy was. And it's not that it was the enemy. It was the inner me... Sometimes you realise the true you is the enemy."

"I'm a family man. Come on. I like, just like to fight. Know what I'm saying?"

(Source: Kevin "Kimbo Slice" Ferguson speaking ahead of his fight against Roy "Big Country" Nelson on The Ultimate Fighter, Season 10, Episode 3)

I hope it reads even a little as good as it sounded.

Enemy. Inner me. They rhyme!


T H said...

I just read through all your martial arts posts..... I think I know now why I fight! I get the same thoughts and stick from people. Some of the thoughts you face when you step in the ring are common mutual! I haven't really overcome them. Need to just step in the ring and fight, best way to train and develop.

Amazingly articulated posts about fight, you need to make this into a book. I'll do it if you done lol. Brilliant Maa'shaa'Allah

adil said...

Thanks for the comment Tox. For the first time today in months I saw someone and I felt the urge to do a double leg takedown! There was nothing evil or sinister about the guy. It's just that he was a little bigger than me, looked strong and I was questioning whether I could take him down :)>

T H said...

lol... that is jokes. That was your enemy talking, sorry your inner-you ;)