Thursday, 11 February 2010

It is what I do now that defines me / Sacrifice

Inspiring article, whatever your opinion of Imran Khan and as old as the article is. Couldn't decide what to quote - all so quotable - so did the easy thing and picked out the lesson summaries...

"Life Lesson One: Believe in yourself and trust your own judgement, not that of others."

"Life Lesson Two: It says in the Koran: 'Keep the money you need and give the rest away'."

"Life Lesson Three: Do not fear death. Once you do not fear death, you are liberated from all fears and can achieve all your goals."

(Source: Article entitled 'What I do now fulfils me like never before' about Imran Khan dated August 6th 2006)

Link to article:

Link to another article entitled 'Playing for the biggest stakes of his life' dated December 8th 2008, though doesn't pack as much punch:

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