Wednesday, 10 March 2010

You'll do well if you listen

"You'll do well if you listen to me because you're smart and I'm right."

My elder brother mentioned this yesterday. He said he heard it from some guy Charlie Munger. It's a joke. The subject heading of this post of course is not. Good advice.


Soumaya said...

I don't understand this quote... about the other person being smart?

Havn't checked the blog for ages!

adil said...

Person A says to Person B that B is smart for listening to A. A believes A to be right and only in need of B for executing A's plans/decisions. This would be obnoxious/arrogant behaviour of course were A not joking. That make sense?

Soumaya said...

Yes it makes sense. But still don't think it's funny. Sorry.

adil said...

Maybe you're *right*. Maybe it's not funny... except for people with a twisted sense of humour lol.