Tuesday, 7 June 2011

Book Review: The Road to Mecca, by Muhammad Asad

It takes me ages to get through a single book and then I finish three within the space of two weeks subhaana-Allah. Absolutely loved this book. Gave up first time round after going through the first few pages but after hearing such high praise from such a variety of people, picked it up again and the only disappointment I felt was its coming to an end! Regretting somewhat now my recent years of being so dormant but regret is ill-advised and so adventure will have to do instead :)> First stop Turkey, by train insha-Allah. Just need to figure out a route with some nice Masjids and communities to stop at on the way.


Sy said...

I bought a copy ages ago but never got past the first chapter. Just finished re-reading the alchemist so might give it another try. Something about Bedouin desert life that seems so ethereal and closer to reality

adil said...

lol, the first chapter of Road to Mecca is dedicated to the author's fanaticism with the desert. As soon as he gets past that and the characters start to come into play, it's full speed ahead.

The Alchemist is an inspirational book. On that note, I've started a project to collect short anecdotal stories. If you're into writing, please send us some stories. (You can by all means attach a picture to go with the story.) More info here: