Friday, 5 August 2011

Wound infection

Had an excruciating wound infection start up on my lower leg this week and (did what I do and) been putting on films in the background (one a day) to get my mind off the pain so as to keep the number of painkillers consumed otherwise near-zero. Still not able to walk, though the pain has gone down a fair bit alhamdulillah. Left my work laptop in my room in Cambridge so not able to code again til Monday and might just write a film review or two in the meanwhile. About the infection: learnt my lesson and won't be so careless with open wounds in future!


Sy said...

hope you feel better soon iA

adil said...

Thanks! Was out of action for a week but a lot better now alhamdulillah. Come to think about it: I seem to get one freak injury or illness every year which incapacitates me and forces me to stay home and do nothing for an entire week and be dependent on others. Certainly not desired but it seems to be the only time I take a total pause, rest and take stock (and watch movies like Rocky and Rambo which I otherwise wouldn't watch!).