Sunday, 15 January 2012

Belfast, Whiterock Road

Headed for the mountains west of me today for the first time since moving over to Belfast. Went down Eglantine Avenue, then over Tates Avenue, up Donegall Road, and lastly up top of Whiterock Road where the road ends and I wouldn't have been able to go further even if the road continued because of the two pesky dogs barking at my feet!

Noticed a massive change in atmosphere when I got up top of Donegall Road: political artwork on buildings all over commemorating those who lost their lives in the troubles not so long ago.


T H said...

Need to take a trip out there... soon i.A The Irish... a fighting people... hows the gyms going?

adil said...

Yeah, good alhamdulillah. Trying to get back into a routine of training twice a week consistent and when I get that going good, will up it to three iA :)