Sunday, 5 February 2012


"She wanted the world
and he wanted a girl."

Heard this song playing in Centra (local convenience store which I've taken a liking to [for the goods not the songs!]) and it's probably the first time ever (or maybe since the Beatles) I've heard a lyric from a young British singer and thought: "that's actually quite well thought out." Most times it's a far stretch to even say: "that's thought out"! And in popping into Streat every day and seeing the screen on the wall playing the top twenty, so sad to see a nation of young artists with nothing to sing about and call people to except flings!


T H said...

good stuff, dont start listening to the top of the pops looking for something useful now. lol

The quote reminded me of a story I heard a long time ago. In short - A man followed a beautiful woman through a market hoping to catch a full glimpse of her beautiful face and in his pursuit she ended up disappearing. By that time he had gone so far following her, he lost his way! Lots of lessons can be taken from this...

adil said...

lol, from the guy who quotes Heat as marital advice, I wouldn't expect anything less! :)

T H said...

You remember that Haha!

Remember the clause is..... Only if you spot heat around the corner... Otherwise dedication is the key! :)))