Sunday, 18 March 2012

Ulster Way, North Down Coastal Path

Hopped on the train for the first time in Northern Ireland since moving over a few months back. Got the 9:39am train from Botanic to Bangor. Surprisingly cheap. Just £5.20 for a return. Not bad at all.

Got off at Bangor station and carried on, on my bicycle, in an easterly direction to Groomsport before turning around and heading back on myself west, past Bangor station, and onward to Holywood, where I got the 4:16pm train back to Botanic station.

Not sure exactly but must have cycled around 20-25 kilometres. Was flat ground and weather was pleasant alhamdulillah so not a strain at all. Pics uploaded to my Flickr account:


Sy said...

awesome pics, sounds like you had a good time

adil said...

Thanks. Yeah, quite impressed with the trains and the path I cycled across. Will most likely do my second train ride this weekend and will shoot some more pics iA.

Sy said...

Cool! I'm back in the UK now and planning on going on some very long hikes! Also landed an interview with the London Wildlife Trust for a community outreach intern position. It'll be awesome if I get it as it means I can spend a lot of time outdoors (it's based at the East Reservoir Community Gardens near Hackney)! Hope all is going well at your end. :-)

adil said...

Good stuff on getting the interview. Hope you nail it! Saw a job ad forwarded on the Mosaic mailing list today which looks like the same or similar scheme you've applied for: inspiring people with learning difficulties to get involved in green spaces in the Greater London area. Will forward to you.