Sunday, 23 August 2015

Muslim names and PayPal transactions!

So my account was blocked by PayPal over a month ago and I've been chasing them up to figure out why and when I found out why... it had me in stitches!

It turns out it that my attempt to forward £100 to my friend Ali with a note "Deposit money from Abdul Basit and Taleb" contained a forbidden word in it: Abdul Basit. No joke! PayPal is instructed by the American government to flag all transactions which contain the word Abdul Basit in it.

So, lesson learnt: if you're going to use PayPal to transfer money to friends, avoid using Muslim names in the transaction note or risk getting your account blocked! True story :-D

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adil said...

PayPal keeps saying that they will unblock my account but again and again... nothing. Over a month on now and no luck. My account is still unblocked. I'm putting these two links here to refer back to... seems like I'm not alone in having my account blocked without good reason and then failing to get it unblocked: