Monday, 10 July 2017

Book Review: Hegarty on Creativity – There are no rules

Decent little book full of short reflections on what it means to create and what it means to adopt a creative mindset. I've picked off the quotes that stood out for me and typed them below. Anyone reading and liking this book will also enjoy listening to some of John Hegarty's public talks which can be found on YouTube (e.g. here and here).
"You have to be supremely confident in your ability to achieve something outstanding."
"Start small, start compact, and suddenly you'll have begun to create."
"... often the right idea will come to you when you're not even thinking."
"... if you don't believe in what you're doing, why should anyone else."
"When I'm asked, When do you do your best thinking? My answer is always, When I'm not thinking."
"Too much thinking jeopardises the creative process..."
"A cynic might sound smart, sometimes even witty, but rarely are they productive. So surround yourself with positivity and possibility. With people who challenge and question. And as soon as anyone resorts to cynicism, move on."
"In the end, everything is connected and the more connections you make the more interesting your work will become."
"As important as practice is, there's no point constantly practicing unless you're perfecting whatever it is that you're working on."
"Practice only makes perfect if you make progress."
"Whatever you're doing, whatever difficulties you're encountering, remember how lucky you are and be sure to have fun."

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