Thursday, 26 April 2007

Should Harry go to Iraq?

Here's a summary of some politician's response I just heard on the BBC:

"No... Because we're fighting terrorists... and... his first duty is not to die serving his country... his first duty is to live."

And whilst we're on the topic, I read an amusing comment piece in the Independent a few days ago begging the question: Whilst serving in the army, how does William get so much time to go skiing and attend horse races?


Ahmad said...

Whatever happens to Mr Harry Windsor, he will no doubt have learnt his Iraq lesson.

If Harry doesn't got to Iraq, he sees the futility of the army set up and quits and/or it just reaffirms the mess Iraq is in and its terribly sad and perilous state.

If he does go, he won't make a blind bit of difference as the country is beyond the repair of outside influences and he will also see the futility of the current army set up.

Anonymous said...

thats very naive, i dont think harry will learn any lessons nor be any wiser. if he does go to iraq he will be molly cuddled and not get a piece of 'real' action. if he doesnt go he'll just kick back an continue his playboy lifestyle for a few more years. being in the army is just a show for a failed a-level student and everyone knows it, he's never going fight in the front line, he's already a commander of his own team and is in a more strategic role than action role. its already a farce, the question is how far will it go.

twp said...

It seems, if he does go, he won't see any action and won't make any difference, and if he doesn't go, it reflects badly on the state of Iraq and his life will become more of a waste. So, maybe the middle ground is best, we fly him half way (which I make out to be Bulgaria if my map is to scale) and leave him there.

Ahmad said...
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Ahmad said...

I think that the Windsors do have a brain and he does have some understanding of the war situation though he has to show as much patriotism as possible - as does the Queen - though privately they may think something totally different.