Sunday, 6 May 2007

Structuring Life and Fulfilling Goals

A good technique for adding a bit of structure to your life is this:

Set yourself small, tangible, achievable daily targets for the coming days (like "read 20 verses of the Qur'an on Monday", "pray Fajr in the Masjid on Monday", "go to the gym on Tuesday and do not leave until I've done...", "attend the weekly Fiqh/Tafsir/Hadith/etc class on Wednesday", and so on). Write all these targets down on paper so that you don't forget. For each target that you miss give yourself a little punishment (like "pay 50p to charity", "pray 2 Rak'ah optional prayer", etc). The key is to be strict on yourself but not too strict that you give up.

I must point out, however, this works for some but works against others. Don't use such a timetabled approach unless it comes naturally to you. Some people like to plan and get things done on time, others prefer a more relaxed ad hoc approach and thrive under last-minute pressure. Each person is different and you are what you are, and know best what you are. If the suggested technique works for you, refine it as required and stick with it. If not, seek a more fitting way.


This Soul said...

Masha-Allah excellent advice.

Anonymous said...

Great summary, Thanks.

The '50p to charity' idea, I'll be broke in a day!

twp said...

Well then, anonymous, you can either set yourself less or smaller targets, or continue with that negative attitude.

If it's the latter you choose, then pull out the prayer mat, start dropping those atonement Rak'ats, and discipline that soul!

Anonymous said...

JazakAllahu Khair. I'm of the view that however much one 'seeks' his 'own' way he will always require a certain amount of nurturing in a particular way, inarguably the way of Al-Habeeb Rasoolullah comes to mind.

The key is to bring order into one's life. The Prophet (saw) prayed to Allah to bring order into his disorder subhanAllah what an example he (saw) has set for our- (lowly) selves.

twp said...

Anonymous, this post is not about seeking one's own 'way' per se. Rather, as you have better put it, "bring(ing) order into one's life". So, in this context, other than supplication (which cannot be stressed enough), any tips (from the Sunnah or otherwise)? What works for you?

Do you know any other prayers/supplications for this, or examples from the better people that have preceded us?