Tuesday, 29 May 2007

Ben Nevis

Whilst London drowned in rain I (and my small band of merry men) trekked in excellent conditions up Ben Nevis. Despite the terrible forecasts the skies cleared and the view was brilliant all the way up. As promised I printed my sponsorship page and made Du'a for everyone that sponsored me (by name) at the top.

The picture is of me resting on the peak with my walking stick - a real godsend. I found it in the forest the day before and it really helped with the walk. Not only that, it made for excellent fuel at night as we made a real camper's meal: Tinned soup and spaghetti with toast, and a rare camp treat... grilled garlic bread.

To top it all of, on the final day, just before we set off for the long drive home, because the weather was alright, we jumped into the river. A numbing experiece.


This Soul said...

Sounds deep bro, maybe I need to climb a mountain or something. I'm at a loss right now. IA see you on the footy pitch in 8 hours. Ws

twp said...

Deep it is. I recommend everyone to visit the beauty of Britain's well preserved national parks on a regular basis. To get away from bricks, concrete, worries and work, and to get in touch with mountains, streams, nature and reflection.

twp said...

We put together a picture compilation of our walk. You can view it by following this link: