Monday, 25 February 2008

Effective Teaching Methodology in Madrassahs

In continuation of the Mosque 100 Programme organised by the Muslim Council of Britain, I attended this workshop yesterday aimed to better the approach of our Madrassah teachers and organisers, not in terms of academic curriculum but in a sense of making our Madrassahs places where children feel happy and willing to come and learn.

During the three-hour workshop, advice was given on boosting student morale, keeping pupils happy and satisfied, instilling in pupils self-respect, winning the hearts of pupils and promoting sentiments of loyalty and devotion in the children.

Two areas that received particular extended attention, and rightfully so, was behaviour education and child abuse. The former discussion focused around knowing and understanding the role and need for strategies that contribute to good behaviour (topics included management style, behaviour policy, statement of ethos, role of the curriculum, rules, procedures on failing to uphold the rules, role of parents and environment). The second discussion highlighted the different types of abuse (physical, psychological, emotional), its signs (i.e. how we can recognise it is taking place) and the various negative effects it has on children.

Overall, despite not being a Madrassah teacher, I found great benefit in attending and came away with a lot of ideas to try and apply in my youth work.

May Allah reward all those involved in setting up and running this programme with a reward better and more lasting.


Kamran said...

Were there many people who are teachers or run madrassahs present? Do you think they took on the advice given?

adil said...

As for your first question: not a great deal, round about fifteen men and five women. The quality and effort that went into preparing and conducting the workshop warranted a lot more.

As for your second question: to a variable degree I would say yes, whilst acknowledging that our problems and bad practices will not be overcome overnight.

A note on the individual who conducted the workshop: maa sha Allah, he was very practical, knowledged, experienced and charismatic, so even if his advice is not taken on board, I don't think he is to be blamed.