Sunday, 10 February 2008

M100 Programme - Project Management

Just attended the third installment of the Mosque 100 Programme, organised by the Muslim Council of Britain and conducted by Oak Community Development. The topic of today's workshop was Project Management. Like the first two, I found it to be pretty beneficial. There was a fair bit of overlap with the Strategic Planning & Visioning workshop but this served well as an opportunity for revision. Key lessons learnt today were wrt getting a project started, managing the process and project closure.

The workshop included a couple of nice exercises. The first was a group exercise to introduce 'problem trees'. This involved identifying a problem (we chose 'the high intake of youths to crime'), breaking the problem down into possible causes and sub-causes (e.g. lack of identity, poor education, family problems etc) and then doing a means-ends analysis to identify solutions (e.g. access to good role models, encouraging able individuals to take to the teaching profession, marriage training etc). The second exercise was to fill in a Belbin Self Perception Inventory, which is a series of multiple-choice questions designed to identify what team role a person is best suited for (e.g. Company Worker, Chairperson, Resource Investigator etc).

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