Wednesday, 26 March 2008

8, Fiqh Ad-Da'wah: Guiding to Allah By the Book

Title: Fiqh Ad-Da'wah: Guiding to Allah By the Book
Speaker: Muhammad Alshareef
Language: English
Running Time: 18 hours (18 CDs)
Producer: Eman Rush (AlMaghrib Institute)

Very practical and workable advice for those living in the West and involved in Da'wah and Islamic organisational work. An excellent mix of advice, maa sha Allah, based on Islamic sources, business/marketing studies and the speaker's own personal experiences.

It should be mentioned, to its credit, this series of lectures is not an A-to-Z of arguments and counter-arguments to be used in debates (although this is touched upon towards the end), rather it is a much more comprehensive set detailing the character of the Da'ee, the makeup of an appealing organisation, the psyche of those we are hoping to guide, negotiation/debating tips and tricks, and lots more besides, walhamdulillah.

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