Tuesday, 10 June 2008

Music and Me

For some reason, whenever I pass the sound of music, even the most mellowest of slow tunes, an urge to fight overcomes me. Strange. An urge to fight, of course, in an artistic sense.

You experience something similar? Feel a change in thinking when in the company of music?


Anonymous said...

YES!! I do. My mood changes depending on the song. It can evoke memories that I would be better forgetting. I enjoy listenign to music but I am aware of the effect it has on me, and am a bit worried. I'm so fickle that a song can affect me.

adil said...

Well, you can either give in to your desires, suppress them... or channel them in the right direction hence evoking good memories/thoughts and shaping a better mood.

Here are a couple of links containing nice (mostly Arabic) songs:

(1) http://projecthaq.org/meda.php (Project Haq Media Player)
(2) http://www.islamway.com (go to 'al-anaasheed', then 'al-munshideen', then 'mashaari raashid al-3afaasi' or whoever interests you)

Though my Arabic knowledge is limited to say the least and I miss out on the detail, the gist of it (i.e. praise of Allah and salutations on the Prophet) I understand and am affected by positively, al7amdulillah.

Anonymous said...


adil said...

Thanks. Enjoy!