Thursday, 5 June 2008


So I am sparring and I get hit straight in the mouth with a nicely timed straight kick. The strike doesn't hurt but it is enough to knock my gum shield loose and provoke a thought: a litte harder, a little higher, a little faster, and it would be enough to knock a(nother) tooth out. God forbid. And so I vow, this winning smile I will show due gratefulness for and distribute unsparingly. And with that I pray: O Allah, make good my character just as you have made good my appearance.

Like the idea? Then why not you yourself start right now and leave a smiley face comment below? :-)>


This Soul said...

Adil, you need help bruv! :-)
Mabrook about the nephew.

adil said...

Hmm, now that you mention it, my head does feel a bit unstable. :-)>

About the nephew, he's a feisty fella maa sha Allah. I think he got the fight gene.

Anonymous said...


adil said...

Why the long face? :)>