Tuesday, 14 April 2009

Youth Gathering

We held a lunch get-together yesterday (Bank Holiday Monday) for the youth of the area at the local community centre. The plan was simple - all welcome, come along, but bring some food. We prayed Dhuhr together, then let the youngsters play (pool, table tennis, dodgeball, handball, computer games, air hockey) whilst we set up. When ready, we got everyone together for a short interactive reminder (manners of eating in a group), munched and then the youngsters went back to playing whilst we cleaned up. It worked out nicely. A good variety of food (sweet and savoury) and plenty for all, alhamdulillah.

A funny moment: Whilst setting up before prayer, I needed to pass over a prayer mat. Thinking it easier to jump over rather than take my shoes off and walk, I jumped. My foot got caught on the underside of the mat. I tripped and tumbled. One of the kids responds instantaneously, "Whoah! Allah punished you for walking over the prayer mat with shoes on." A rare sign of God-fear. This kid will go far insha-Allah.

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