Monday, 4 October 2010

Pain in the shins - continued

Still got a quite unbearable pain in the shins. Not been sleeping properly at all last few nights - the pain really picks up after Maghrib and doesn't start to desist til after Fajr. Been getting up and watching movies, listening to audios and eating chocolates throughout the night! I even tried the full range of pain killers suggested by the A&E doctor last Friday (Paracetomol, Ibuprofen, Co-Codamel, Diclofemac - in increasing order of strength) and they all seem to *not* work!... Co-Codamel seeming to be a little more effective than the rest. Got another appointment this Wednesday, with one of my GPs this time. Was just doing some background reading online (because I don't trust my GPs!) and it seems I might have shin splints or stress/"hairline" fracture. Awesome timing btw msA: I was planning to use this time between Ramadhan (September) and starting work (January insha-Allah if I can find a job by then) to do a once-in-a-lieftime abundance of martial arts training and hiking. Oh well, we plan and God plans (has planned) for us better.

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