Thursday, 28 October 2010

There's only a few things worse than a PhD...

There's only a few things worse than an ill-defined PhD and an ill-defined engagement is one of them!

Going to use this post (the comments) to vent somewhat my growing frustration, without going into specifics of course!! :) Would talk to my wife-to-be about it and easily resolve matters (that would be the sensible thing to do) but that's not allowed (would require too much time alone) so this Blog post will have to do for now (til I meet material demands and am able to get married). More of a funny predicament than a serious one. Hope I don't give an impression otherwise!

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adil said...

The lesson to take from this post: don't get engaged! unless the rules of engagement (excuse the wording) are clearly defined (not possible) or the two of you are happy meeting alone (not recommended). In summary: if you don't have what it takes to get married, move on! :)