Monday, 1 November 2010

Feedback for Emel, November 2010 issue

Feedback sent to Emel regarding the November 2010 Hajj issue:
Dear Editor,

Assalaamu 'alaykum,

Just finished reading the November 2010 issue, really liked it (as usual) and wanted to pass on some feedback (not to be published), as follows:
  1. I liked the editorial. Scary to think I am busy in all kinds of commitments at the expense of having little time for the people closest to me. Not good! I wanted to point out also the saying attributed to the Prophet (sallallahu alayhi wa sallam): "We have left the lesser struggle for the greater struggle..." I am not so sure about this. This seems to imply that people leave their egos behind when they go out for battle.
  2. Don't like being a tad bit negative (twice in the same email!) but thought it might be worth mentioning that (I thought that) the choice of picture for the 'Watch this Face' feature wasn't the best. Better for certain bodily features to be not so apparent. But then I might be a bit more conservative than the majority of your readership.
  3. I love reading the regular opinion features of Faisal AlYafai and Shelina Zahra Janmohamad. I hope they continue writing. It was my first writing reading Daud Bone and Lucy Bushill-Matthews and I liked them too!
  4. Awesome Hajj/Ka'ba artwork and explanatory comments from the artists. Saw the cover by chance whilst passing the magazines section in Tesco supermarket and had to buy this month's issue!
  5. Reading Geek Shaykh Robi Chowdhury's piece was hilarious but that's probably because I know him personally and I could hear his voice as I read it!!
In summary: another awesome issue! maa sha Allah :)>

Adil Hussain

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adil said...

As with previous emails to the magazine, I heard nothing back. Not even a "thank you for your feedback".