Wednesday, 25 May 2011

My first scooter

Ok so I lost the girl I very nearly almost got married to but as with any 'difficulty' (if it can be called that) along comes a double 'comfort' and here it is... I got myself my first scooter - a Honda Dylon 125. Cycling 13+ miles every day (from my room east of Cambridge to my workplace south of Cambridge) and not being to able to make it to the Masjid (in the centre of town) was starting to get quite tiring... but not any more... Now doing a daily round trip from my room, to my workplace, to the Masjid and back to my room no problem alhamdulillah. Scooting is definitely the way to go, and questioning now what I've been doing with my life all these years!

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adil said...

Btw, picture nicked off the net. Left my camera back in London.