Monday, 19 November 2012

George St-Pierre: My body. My mind. The tools that I have.

Read in a Canadian-French accent for fuller effect!

"... I give [sic] everything I have tonight... (thinks)
You know... (thinks)

I am like I am.
I use my body the best that I can.

I don't have the knock-out power of Rampage Jackson.
I don't have the athletic ability of Jon Jones.
I don't have the accuracy of Anderson Silva.
I don't have the wrestling of Chael Sonnen.

But I use my body (points to self)
- the tools that I have -
the best that I can.

And that's why I win fight [sic].

It's not always about muscle.
It's the mind.
And I use my tools the best that I can, to win the fight..."

Geore St-Pierre at the UFC 154 post-fight press conference talking about his tenth straight title defense.


T H said...

amazing display of combat in the cage... Best fight I've seen so far in MMA. So much to learn from in and out the cage!

T H said...

you gotta love his accent though!

adil said...

Dig up the Jon Fitch / Erick Silva fight too if you haven't seen it. Took place a month or two back. Great fight.