Tuesday, 8 January 2008

5, The Ultimate Fighter

After many years of thinking this to be just another one of those pointless reality television programmes, I finally gave it a try, loved it and just finished watching seasons 1 and 6.

What is it? A number of mixed martial artists are gathered to live together, train together and fight one another in a ring/cage/'Octagon' (call it what you will) over a prolonged period of time in a 'winer stays on' tournament style set-up. The winner of the tournament is awarded a six-figure contract to fight with the Ultimate Fighting Championship organisation.

I found both seasons to be a good insight into the training of mixed martial artists but more so a great insight into the mind and motivation of the fighters. I definitely plan to catch up on seasons 2 to 5 and look forward with excitement to season 7 (to be coached by current light-heavyweight champion Quinton "Rampage" Jackson and winner of season 1 Forrest Griffin!), which will be filmed and aired later this year.


Welshwarrior said...

I'm with you man, i think its a decent series. I've watched the last 2 series and like you say, you see what it takes in terms of training and mental strength to make it in the UFC.

You also get a good insight into what makes a good coach and different styles of teaching fighters, which interests me. Matt Hughes has had an awesome MMA career, but i didn't think he made a particularly good coach. A training team needs to be close, like a family.

Rampage should definitely be entertaining!!

adil said...

I agree. Matt Hughes makes for an excellent fighter but did not come across as a great coach. The two skills, fighting and coaching, do not necessarily translate one to another.

Yes, Rampage will be a bundle of laughs.