Thursday, 10 January 2008

Back in the Ring

After a month and a half out with various niggly injuries, I finally returned to the ring yesterday and boy did I love every second of it; the giving and even more so the receiving.

To play on another soul's words, me without the fighting world is like the earth without water, unfulfilled, dry and unbelievable!

Verily, very few accomplishments give greater satisfaction than getting inside the head of an opponent. That first sight of him lose his cool is like a predator's first scent of blood... near ecstasy!

Seeing him rage and spiral into an oblivion of anger; nostrils flared, brows frowned, neck stiffened and veins popped, is exactly the kind of thing one tastes in a sweet pleasurable dream whilst tucked away comfortably at night.


Welshwarrior said...

Thats good news, its never good to be away from the ring for too long, you lose the edge and end up starting back at square one..

Following rupturing my ACL in my knee for the second time, some one recently said to me, "why don't you try another sport, like mountain climbing?"

I could only feably try and express in words, the unique feeling you get when facing an opponent in hand to hand combat. A feeling which no other sport gets close to giving me. The challenge of fighting someone stronger or more experienced than yourself..

Do you ever dream that you are training or sparring?

adil said...

I often see myself fighting in dreamland. Clean fights though. The kind where I and my opponent can walk away chin raised in honour. Sometimes I see myself praying. I can only but hope that these are good things to see in dreams. They certainly bring me a lot of joy.

What do normal people dream about? And you? ;)