Saturday, 16 April 2011

The fail fast, fail small philosophy

Be not afraid to try.
Failure isn't fatal.
The idea is to fail fast
in an idea that's wrong,
not getting emotionally attached to a sinking ship,
and move on,
not repeating mistakes.
See failure as a stepping stone to whatever you do next;
one step smarter.

(Summary of a feature article in this month's Wired magazine)


adil said...

Found an article entitled "Fail often, fail well" in the April 16th 2011 issue of the Economist building on the Wired article about failing forward.

Some memorable quotes...

"We learn much more from failure than we do from success."

"Fail often in order to succeed sooner."

"[Failure] can be a sign of creativity. The best way to avoid short-term failure is to keep churning out the same old products, though in the long term this may spell your doom. Businesses cannot invent the future - their own future - without taking risks."

adil said...

Links to the Wired and Economist articles...

Fail to succeed (Wired UK, Matt Cowan)

Fail often, fail well (The Economist, Schempeter)