Monday, 25 May 2009

20, Into the Light

Title: Into the Light - A selection of personal accounts of modern converts to Islam
Paperback: 60 pages
Publisher: UK Islamic Mission
Language: English

Sometimes it seems that the ways to reject and distort the message of the Prophets (peace be upon them all) is as numerous as the people on this earth. I had a conversation with a non-Muslim recently stemming from him asking me directions (geographic direction, not spiritual!). His problem with "the Islamic faith" (as he called it) was (is) that we refer to "the Creator", "the Most Magnificent" (his choice of words) as "He". He said doing so, referring to Him (!) as a man, dishonoured "the Creator", "the Most High" (he didn't like the word God I think). Every time I would say "He", he would say "see, see, you said 'He'". Of course, when we, as Muslims, refer to God as "He", the corrupted thought of thinking God as man is far far from us.

An example: In Arabic, the word "huwa" can mean "it" or "he". When we refer to a pen as "huwa", we do not think of the pen as a man. Likewise, we make a fundamental clear distinction between the Creator and the created. Anyway, getting to the topic at hand...

Reading this booklet, 'Into the Light', was a good eye opener of how it really is the coherency and simple things of Islam that attract people to it. Well-written, short, touching, personal accounts, of people who have chosen to become Muslim. Definitely worth the read. Inspires one with renewed vigour and confidence to spread the message of Islam, and really reinforces the belief: Whomsoever God guides, none can misguide.

May God guide us all and may He keep us guided on the straight path.

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