Saturday, 9 May 2009

Hit and be not hit

"My body is my sword. My mind is my blade."

(Source: Lyoto Machida, UFC 98 In Depth)

Of course, it is better to win a fight without fighting (war is deception) but circumstances don't always allow for that.


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Funny strip. Hard to rebut without falling into the "defender of liberty" trap like Calvin but I'll try... Yes, Islam teaches never to long to meet "the enemy". (Can't remember the Hadith exactly?) But at the same time Islam encourages strength. To be strong and forgiving is the challenge. Verse 2:216 I think is relevant. Fighting (i.e. war) should be disliked. I'll end there before I contradict myself, assuming I haven't already!

adil said...

"The Holy Prophet was the most patient among men and the most forgiving inspite of his having power to take retaliation."

"In spite of the lofty position of the Prophet, he was the most humble and modest."

(Source: Ihya Ulum-id-Din, Character and Conduct of the Prophet)

sallallahu alayhi wa sallam.