Saturday, 16 May 2009

Remember Gaza - National Demonstration

I popped down to the beginning part of this demonstration today in central London. Good lively atmosphere but numbers nowhere near as high as the demonstrations back in January - in the hundreds rather than the thousands. We are indeed a people moved by mass media. Free Palestine.


adil said...

Short video, worth watching ('Is Peace Out of Reach?'):

adil said...

To compound recent attrocities, the Israeli tourism department recently thought it a good idea to include a map in their posters showing the West Bank, Gaza and the Golan Heights as being part of Israel. All are illegally occupied by Israel. (The whole state is a fad in my opinion.) The Advertising Standards Agency decided to withdraw the posters after receiving a large number of complaints.

Sarah Colborne, Palestine Solidarity Campaign's Director of Campaigns and Operations, said: "The Palestine Solidarity Campaign welcomes the removal of these adverts, which had a map showing Israel as including the West Bank, Gaza Strip and the Golan Heights – which are all illegally occupied by Israel. These adverts wiped Palestine off the map. It was particularly grotesque to use this map in an advert for tourism, given that under the Israeli blockade of Gaza, even humanitarian aid staff are denied entry."

adil said...

Media coverage of the posters being withdrawn: