Saturday, 23 May 2009

Game of Choices

"Karate is in my blood. Since a very young age, fourteen/fifteen years old, we got up 5:00 in the morning. 5:30 in the morning was when our father started training us."

"You wake up early, so your first opponent is yourself. You must decide, do I go or not? Is it raining? Am I tired? Just getting out of bed is winning the first fight."

(Source: Lyoto Machida and his father (respectively), UFC 98 Countdown)

I really need to cut down on my sleeping. Averaging 9 hours at present. Unacceptable.

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adil said...

"... I could not finish him but I won by unanimous decision. Inouke wasn't proud
and he congratulated me by slapping me in the face three times.

Legend has it that when he does that a fighter becomes successful..."
(Source: Lyoto Machida, UFC 98 Countdown, 16th minute)

Funny. Must watch.