Monday, 20 September 2010

Lawrence (Guerilla) of Arabia

Was browsing the Independent website this morning and came across this article entitled 'Guerilla of Arabia: How one of Britain's most brilliant military tacticians created the Taliban's battle strategy' by Neil Faulkner - interesting general comments about insurgency linked up with some nice comparisons of the present-day US-Taliban situation. The article closes with "military mastermind" Lawrence of Arabia's 15 principles of modern guerrilla warfare...
  1. Strive above all to win hearts and minds;
  2. Establish an unassailable base;
  3. Remain strategically dispersed;
  4. Make maximum use of mobility;
  5. Operate mainly in small, local groups;
  6. Remain largely detached from the enemy;
  7. Do not attempt to hold ground;
  8. Operate in depth rather than en face (i.e. not in lines);
  9. Aim for perfect intelligence about the enemy;
  10. Concentrate only for momentary tactical superiority;
  11. Strike only when the enemy can be taken by surprise;
  12. Never engage in sustained combat;
  13. Always have lines of retreat open;
  14. Make war on matériel rather than on men;
  15. Make a virtue of the individuality, irregularity, and unpredictability of guerrillas.
... Funnily enough, never seen the movie ('Lawrence of Arabia'), though rated one of the best of all time! Added to my 'to get/watch' list.

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adil said...

Had 'Robin Hood' lying around today so stuck it on this morning and watched it... in fast forward! A few rare good moments and nice English scenery but on the whole rather dull/disappointing. The film should have began where it ends! Nice quote: "Rise and rise again until lambs become lions".