Thursday, 30 September 2010

North Downs

Headed down to the North Downs for a day walk last Saturday. We walked from Ockley Railway Station to Leigh Hill (Tower) to an empty Holmwood Railway Station (we missed the last train) followed by a bus (the last bus) to Dorking. We left home at 7am, got back at 10pm and walked mainly 9:30am-1pm (Ockley railway station to the tower) and then 4pm-7pm (the tower to Holmwood railway station). The first of many day walks around London insha-Allah. Click the following link for a picture compilation:

Not all good though... I went/walked despite a bad swelling on both shins (caused by muay thai sparring last Thursday) and I think I aggravated the injury quite bad. Felt pains the last two nights that I can say for the first time in my life were quite unbearable. Had to take painkillers! Still, the trip was worth it. Was an awesome day :)>

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