Thursday, 23 September 2010

M&S billboard advertisement complaint

After being directed by my local council to submit my complaint to the Advertising Standards Authority, just did so, as follows:
I find the billboard advertisement (a woman scantily clothed standing with open arms and the caption "Ooh! la la") quite inappropriate for the place it has been placed and would sincerely hope that some due consideration would be undertaken in future. The road is used frequently by school children (there is a school just up the road) as well as it generally being a family area and there being a place of worship (a mosque) just immediately around the corner.
The advert has been up on the billboard at the bottom of my road for a couple of weeks now and makes for quite an unpleasant walk to the Masjid!


adil said...

I didn't (haven't) receive(d) a reply from the ASA but the advert seems to have changed. Now it's an advert for alcoholic ginger beer!

adil said...

I received a reply from the ASA and the alcoholic ginger beer advert has been replaced by another M&S advert this one worse than the last! Just wrote a reply to the ASA as follows:

Dear Advertising Standards Agency Council,

First and foremost, I would like to thank you for the personalised response that I received dated 15 October 2010 (reference: A10-138386) and also for forwarding my comments to the advertiser.

To add very briefly: I did not expect the ASA Council to intervene but I was very surprised to find the M&S advert (at the bottom of Canterbury Road, London E10 6EE) taken down and replaced by another M&S advert the same except more lewd (this time with the words "redtime story")! I found that quite strange and I certainly hope it wasn't somebody's idea of a joke?

Adil Hussain