Saturday, 30 August 2008

JIMAS - Quotes for Ramadhan

Some quotes for Ramadhan taken from various talks during last weekend's JIMAS conference:
  1. Some things to try improve upon this Ramadhan: prayer (increasing Khushoo/attentiveness, avoiding distractions etc), modesty (lowering gaze etc), dhikr (increasing time spent in the remembrance of Allah).
  2. Ramadhan: A month of *sacrifice*? Better word is *deposit*. Or better yet: *investment*.
  3. Ramadhan is the month of training.
  4. The only thing that belongs to you is your good deeds. The money that you give in charity is a part of you, forever.
  5. Charity brings success. You will find much such advice in many self-help business-manuals (written by non-religious authors).
  6. Iftaar: Invite the poor to join you. Serve others before yourself when eating. Keep refilling others' plates without them having to request it.

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